The Benefits of Traveling Alone

If you have never got the chance to travel alone in your life, you are really missing out on the experience. Spending time by yourself is considered to be one of the best ways to learn more about yourself as a person. While traveling with friends may sound much more tempting to you, solo travel provides you with some really nice benefits that you would simply not get the chance to enjoy by traveling with your friends. For example, one of the biggest benefits of solo travel is that it puts a lot of positive pressure on you.

In fact, it puts so much positive pressure on you that you are forced to become more independent. This is because you have to make your own decisions, as well as step out of your comfort zone on a regular basis, which is not something that everyone gets the chance to do, and it is something that you probably wouldn’t do if you were traveling with your friends. You see, when you travel alone, there is nobody that you can rely on but yourself, and that experience teaches you how to become a better version of yourself. And if something doesn’t go as planned, it is your duty to figure out how to get out of the situation.

Meeting New People
One of the biggest reasons why you should try solo travel is because you would get a lot of opportunities to meet new people. The best thing about this whole situation is that it is actually not even that hard. All you have to do is wander around the area, and someone will eventually start a conversation with you – or even better, you can start a conversation with them. It’s really that easy!

Building Confidence
Another great benefit of solo travel is that you get to work on your confidence. Solo travel helps increase your confidence as you navigate an unfamiliar area and communicate with strangers. That being said, you also get the chance to work on your social skills.

Complete Freedom
Is there anything else that makes traveling alone so good? Yes, there is – complete freedom! When you travel alone, you get to go wherever you want, as well as to do whatever you want. Now, you cannot really say that about any other type of travel, can you? The freedom that you have when you travel alone can be very relaxing.

5 Most Out-of-this-world Places in the USA

There are still mysterious places here on Earth that can easily be mistaken as other worldly because of its landscapes and unnatural features. These places are all over the world but let’s look through top 5 most out-of-this-world places in the USA.

This gigantic rock butte is the setting for one of Steven Spielberg’s famous alien thriller movie, and rightfully so because it does look like a mountain on outer space. Though, it may look out of place in this world, this large rock formation is sacred to Native American tribes and up to now still is a site of sacred rituals and offerings.


Volcanoes are not just present on Earth, one of the satellites of Jupiter has an active volcano too, but Hawaii’s Kilauea Volcano is not far behind. It is considered as the most active volcano on Earth because it has been continuously erupting for 35 years. Lava emissions spring forth forming lava tubes here and there even under the cool waters of Pacific Ocean.


Over the course of millions of years, through geomorphic processes beautiful canyons, like the ones in Arizona, are formed. Antelope Canyon would be an inkling on what other planets in the galaxy would look like. The wave patterns on the walls are results of flash flooding and heavy monsoon rainfalls, eventually, smoothing out rugged edges of sandstone.


The formation of this geyser was not natural, a local geothermic company drilled on this site but had errors that resulted to this geyser. Multiple hues of green and red from thermophilic algae combined with geothermal water makes the huge mound glisten. This colorful mound is continually growing because of accumulation of dissolved minerals from underneath goes with the erupting water, the mound changes shape over the years looking more and more outlandish.


Death Valley is an extreme place to visit because it is the hottest and the driest place in the whole of America. The scenery you’ll see here will remind you of a faraway planet that has no signs of life, even NASA thinks the same, since they used the vastness of this national park to practice the landing of their Mars rovers. Aside from the extreme temperature, the elevation on this area are on extremes too, at 11000 feet stands the highest peak in the park called Telescope Peak and a 282 feet below sea level depression called Badwater Basin.

Top 3 Road Trip Essentials That You Should Always Pack

Regardless of how you do it or whom you do it with, one thing is certain – going on a road trip is always a fun experience. With the expansion of their business, the owners of Happy Wife Happy Life Entertainment have found themselves taking part in road trips more often lately. So while road trips can be fun, just like pretty much any other type of travel, besides having a lot of advantages, road tripping has some disadvantages as well. We all know that spending hours on a road trip can be very fun, right? Of course it can, but if you are going to the one behind the wheel, there are some things that you should take care of before hitting the road. One such thing is simply called the car safety.

When it comes to road tripping, preparing your car for the trip is a very important step. But don’t even think about rushing through this scenario! Instead, take your time to check if everything is working the way it should be, and if you notice that something is not right with your car, make sure to fix it before hitting the road. Also, don’t forget to pack a flashlight, headlamp, car manual and jumper cables, as well as some extra oil. Store these items in one place either under a car seat or in the trunk. This way, they will be easily accessible once you hit the road. With that said, here are three more road trip essentials that you should always pack!

First Aid Kit
Your safety should always be your number one priority. That being said, don’t even think about going on a road trip without bringing a first aid kit with you. Accidents happen and being on the road for days could really take a toll on your body. This is why first aid kit is such an important thing to pack before hitting the road.

Car Attire
Keep your feet warm by wearing a comfortable pair of socks. You should also wear shoes that you can easily get your feet in and out of whenever you feel like it. Not only will this keep your physical well-being in good condition, but it will make the whole trip much more comfortable as well.

Healthy Food
Be sure to bring some healthy snacks with you. Another very important thing that you should pack is a bottle of water. You don’t want to get dehydrated in the middle of your trip, do you?

Top 5 Haunted Hotels in the World

Hotels are supposed to be the place where you can rest after a long day of excursion. A soft bed, fluffy pillows and smooth covers are the things your body crave for after a whole day outside. You book a hotel thinking you can get these little luxuries even if you’re away from the comforts of your own home. But what if, you booked a room in a hotel that is far from relaxing?


You might think a hotel in the never-sleeping Las Vegas Strip is safe from any haunted activity, but think again. Flamingo Hotel and Casino, the oldest operating hotel in the Strip, is home to the ghost of mobster Bugsy Siegel. He was shot by his angry investors just a few days after they opened the resort. Guests have reported seeing a ghostly figure in the garden near Siegel’s memorial.


The colorful façade of this Malaysian hotel is far from its interior horrors. If other hotels only have a forbidden room, The First World Hotel, has basically forebode the whole 21st floor. Once you enter your room in the hotel for the first time, you should turn everything on – lights and TV – to announce that you are alive and you will use the room for a few nights.


This beautiful hotel doesn’t have such a beautiful back story. Even if it is considered as one of Mumbai’s most luxurious and attractive hotel, apparently, the architect of the place was not convinced enough. He jumped off the 5th floor of the building because he was so upset with the direction of where the hotel was built. Until now, guests have met him down one of the many hallways or hear his footsteps in the roof.


Stephen King stayed one night in this hotel and found out that they’re the only guests for the night. He stayed in Room 217 and had a nightmare thus the inspiration to his hit novel “The Shining”. Numerous guests have already sworn to hear doors shut, pianos playing and mysterious voices at night especially on the 4th floor. Since the hotel is infamous for its paranormal activities, they invested on it and offered ghost tours.


If you like to experience royal hauntings, you should stay a night at the stunning Dalhousie Castle and maybe get an encounter with the 13th century ghosts of Sir Alexander Ramsay and Lady Catherine. The castle has already seen thousands of people come and go and aside from the ghostly presence, this traditional hotel has many amazing antiques and relics in the building.