Most Beautiful Islands in the Caribbean

The Caribbean islands are the ultimate gateway destination for those who seek hot tropical weather, sandy beaches, historic architecture and natural scenery, unlike any other in the world. The Caribbean has almost 7000 islands with 28 island nations and although most of them might seem equally desirable on first sight, in reality every island is unique in its own way. Choosing the perfect destination for your tropical getaway can be difficult, so we composed a list of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean and their significant differences.


We kick of the list with Aruba, this small island located just off the coast of Venezuela, differentiates from the other Caribbean islands due to its desert landscape. Aruba has some of the most beautiful well preserved beaches in the entire world, like Eagle Beach and Arashi which have some of the whitest sand on the face of the Earth. Aruba is quite family friends as it has a number of resorts with all the amenities  catering to your needs, however it’s not only a family oriented place as it has many adult-centered activities to choose from like bars, clubs and casinos.

Puerto Rico

If you’re a man of culture and love the outdoors as much as the next guy, you’ll quickly fall in love with this small island and everything it has to offer. Puerto Rico is full of adventure packed activities that will take several days of your schedule and a lot of your stamina. The cities of San Juan and Ponce offer a dozen of historical sites to explore, with the old part of San Juan being the most well preserved example of Spanish Colonial architecture. If you wonder down the cobble stone streets of Old Juan, you’ll experience a place frozen in time with brightly colored houses and old timer classic, a perfect photographic opportunity.

St. Lucia

St. Lucia is one of the largest Windward Islands in the Caribbean Sea and is widely considered by many to be the most beautiful out of all the Caribbean islands. An interesting fact about St. Lucia is that it’s the only country in the world named after a women. St. Lucia is a popular destination for honeymooners and its quite family friendly, having several resorts with all the amenities in the world. St. Lucia lush landscape is topped by two volcanic peaks – Gros Piton and Petit Piton, towering high above the white beaches bellow. The view from the top of the Pitons is truly astonishing, however if you don’t fancy a lengthy upward climb, you can always pop a towel and enjoy the scenery from Sugar Beach, located conveniently in between the two giant peaks.


Jamaica is the 4th largest Island country in the Caribbean Sea and its one of the most visited islands as it appeals to all types of travelers. The island has some of the most spectacular landscapes and wildlife, including many exotic species of birds, Jamaican Boars and reptiles especially in the undisturbed forests in the Blue Mountains. The culture of Jamaica is also quite diverse from the other islands, with many tourists coming to experience the Reggea music scene. Jamaica certainly doesn’t lack in resorts, as it features a great number of all-inclusive resorts and outdoors activities for all ages as well.